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Alex Charleson
Racing id: 986
Open Skateboard
2018 ranking: 65

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Original Skateboards, Aera Trucks, These Wheels

Summary Info
2015 IDF World Champion Junior Downhill Skateboard. I finished 11th overall in men's open in 2015, taking a close 2nd at Maryhill, but I captured my first open men's class win at Santa Gnarbara and placed 2nd at Britannia that year in non IDF races. 2016 is the first year I will compete exclusively in men's open. I love the freedom I feel while skating, and I get a rush out of the speed involved. Setting my lines and reading the course is challenging, as is playing out positional tactics on the course with some of the worlds best. The network of international friends, the camaraderie and support, despite fierce competition is amazing. I skate pretty much every day, even in the rain, on my local hills in Vancouver, BC.
Last events attended
2016 Mt Kiera Downhill Challenge 8th
2016 Ruapehu Gravity Festival 16th
2016 Mahackamack 400 3rd
2016 Downhill Throwdown at Killington 25th
2016 Showdown at the Loops 13th
2016 Whistler Longboard Festival 3rd
2016 TMI Lillyhammer 2nd
2016 Almabtrieb 9th
2016 Kozakov Challenge 17th