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Bryn Young
Racing id: 4322
Open Skateboard

Racing colours

Leather colour: Black
Black leathers with yellow arms, shoulders and shins
Helmet: Black

Racing Equipment

Board: Omen Grim
Trucks: Pnl Joeys
Bearings: Seizmic Tekton
Wheels: Free Wheel Co. Loaders


Omen Longboards, Free Wheel Company, Flow rider for Basement Skate

Summary Info
Bryn is an 18 year old longboarder from the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Bryn has been skating for 4 years but has been racing competitively with his younger brother Riley Young for 2 years. Bryn rides for American based companies Omen Longboards and Free Wheel Company, and he is currently Australia's only Omen/Free rider. He will be looking to shape up with the best riders in the world this IDF season.
Last events attended
Noosa ProAm 2016- 2nd Opens (Amateur) Noosa ProAm 2016- 16th Opens (Profesional) Noosa ProAm 2016- 7th Juniors Mount Kiera IDF Challenge- 56th Opens Noosa ProAm 2015- 2nd Juniors Countless Numbers of Outlaw Races and Events