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Daniel Engel
Racing id: 1877
United States of America
Open Skateboard
2018 ranking: 3

Racing colours

Leather colour: Red
Red, Gold, Green, White
Helmet: Green

Racing Equipment

Board: Gravity Skateboards Slick Ricker 35
Trucks: Ronin Trucks
Bearings: Bones Bearings
Wheels: Venom


[Xtreme Board Shop] [gravity] [ronin] [Azhiaziam] [venom] [HomeGrown Initiative]

Summary Info
Howdy Y'all! My name is Daniel Joseph Engel. I am 25 years old, born and raised in Bakersfield California. I've been skating street and transition since I was 9 and downhill since I was 17. Need to know more? just ask me on the hill!
Less reading, more skating.
Last events attended
4th at the Templin Highway Outlaw. 4th at Barrett Junction. 1st at the Chuchupate Outlaw 6th at Soldiers Of Downhill