Daniel Newton
Racing id: 4337

Racing colours

Leather colour: Blue
Blue and white
Helmet: Black

Racing Equipment

Board: Roadwork ahead street sign
Trucks: Bear kodiak
Bearings: Tekton
Wheels: Kegel


Ministry of shred

Summary Info
G'day all, I'm dan from Adelaide, I have a wife, beth and a son, river. Carpenter during the week and youth worker on the weekend. I used to be on the winter Olympic team for ice luge and qualified for the Olympics in Russia. I love getting out with my mates and family in nature and sneaking in a Luge where I can
Last events attended
Luge Mt Keira 2016 - 7th Butboard Mt keira 2012 - 2nd Luge Collingrove 2011 - 3rd Butboard Collingrove 2011 - 1st