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Daz Von Wulf
Racing id: 4729

Racing colours

Leather colour: Red
Red, Black and WHite
Helmet: Black

Racing Equipment

Board: DPM Jet Stream


Jet Luge Cowboy

Summary Info
The Cowboy appeared on the scene 1996 and is one of the original founders of streetluge in Australia He has tirelessly continued to develop and build a jet powered streetluge.
Spawned on the eve of a full moon in the rainforest of Asia, there is little known about this strange creature. His mother was a Punjabi speaking Eskimo with four fingers and a mullet, his dad, well, that's an entirely different story. For 23 years of his life he was raised as a sideshow attraction next to Percilla (the monkey girl) and Lydia (the Tattooed lady). Here he learned the art of shaving and gained an appreciation of images. Later he spent many of his years trying to convince molecules to cooperate by bribing them with nuclei, for what reasons he never said but needless to say, this failed. His true age is not known and cannot be determined via blood samples as only pure beer runs in his veins, this gives him a constant amber glow and makes him very popular at parties, but more than once has almost cost his life. What is known, he is a passionate lover of life, people and a good joke.