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Emily Pross
Racing id: 1699
United States of America
Open Skateboard
2018 ranking: 5
2018 ranking: 1

Racing colours

Leather colour: Red
Red upper body, black legs
Helmet: Black

Racing Equipment

Board: Kebbek/Ronin collaboration Prototype
Trucks: Ronins 124mm 45° front 25° rear
Bearings: Hondar
Wheels: What ever is faster on the track


Kebbek Skatebords, Hondar skateboards, Ronin Trucks

Summary Info
Gravity Addict, 4x World Champion, Marketing Major @ Berkeley College, Health Nut, Gym Rat
Born and raised in New York / New Jersey, currently living near Washington D.C. 22 years old. Extremely Competitive, love to race in the open category. First woman to win the Open Category in an IDF event. Avid fitness nut, I also race in mud runs, and enjoy long distance running, weightlifting, and high intensity interval training workouts