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Finn Cantrill
Racing id: 4345
Open Skateboard
2018 ranking: 208

Racing colours

Leather colour:
Helmet: Black

Racing Equipment

Board: Madrid Trapstar
Trucks: Rogue
Bearings: Reds
Wheels: Mach 1 Venom



Summary Info
I am very competitive. I try my hardest in all physical aspects. Skating with mates is what its all about!
Started trick skating in 2014 then started sliding down hills on the same trick deck in 2015 and got a proper board a month later. i trick skate sometimes but long boarding is my main.
Last events attended
Newtons 8th, Mt Keria 4th, Noosa ProAm 4th, 1st in Junior Final at Tame the Taipan 2018. 1st in Junior Final at Newtons 2018. 3rd in Asia Pacific 2018 rankings. 23rd in 2018 Junior rankings. 208th in 2018 Opens rankings.