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Jackson Shapiera
Racing id: 67
Open Skateboard
2018 ranking: 68

Racing colours

Leather colour: Black
Back and Yellow. Sector 9 team pattern.
Helmet: Black

Racing Equipment

Board: Sector 9 HiJack Jacko pro model
Trucks: Ronin
Bearings: Bones Race Reds
Wheels: Rad Advantages and MaxB pro wheels.


Sector 9 skateboards. RAD wheels. Ronin Trucks. Venom Bushings. Risch aerolids. Dark speed Gloves

No Australian has won a World Cup race in history of Open downhill skateboard, but Jacko has come closest. Second in 2008 at IGSA Rock n Roll, second at the 2010 World Championships in Almatrieb and then equal second at Mt Keira in 2016 in one of the IDF's closest World Cup finishes. A World Cup win is the only thing missing from Jacko's achievements, he will be hard to beat at Newtons 2017. Look out for his blistering, sweeping runs, carving off his speed through the corners into one of the best aerodynamic tucks that makes him hard to catch when he is out in front.
Last events attended
Mt Keira IDF World Cup 2016 - equal second
Whistler Longboard Fest 2016