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Julian Slaney
Racing id: 1046
2018 ranking: 39

Racing colours

Leather colour: Black
Black and Sliver
Helmet: Black

Racing Equipment

Board: TB-6 Custom
Trucks: Kalahani 204
Bearings: Abec
Wheels: Orangotang

Summary Info
Julian, also known as Julio Brutalio Slaney, Jeinpierre Slaney. I have spent the last 5 years on the luge, developing my skills and creating highly detailed luge boards. Apart of the Team Brutality Street Luge crew.
5 years ago along with a couple of friends, I decided to final out my plan to build and ride street luge. 5 years later i am racing and placing on the podium. Finishing 2nd overall for the 2016 season, I am looking to finish with the number 1 spot for 2017. I have spent many years devolving my luge to ensure they are as good as can be and have spent even more time on developing my riding skills. Raced in multiple world cup races and looking to finish on the podium for Newton's 2017.
Last events attended
Launch 2016 3rd Includes $100 prize for setting fastest speed. Mt Kiara 2016 4th Noosa 2016 2nd