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Lance Evans
Racing id: 13
New Zealand

2016 ranking: 14

Racing colours

Leather colour: White
Helmet: Black

Racing Equipment

Board: DPM Corse Air Speed
Trucks: Buzzed
Bearings: UZI
Wheels: Fast Elephantes 72mm


Evans international freight consolidators and All Downhill Distribution

Summary Info
Ex motor racer turned skater at 50 years old then street Luger ......
CEO and Founder of Evans International Freight Consolidators :Australia's own Export Seafreight Consolidator. Also minor shareholder in the new Downhill skateboarding importing distributor All Downhill Distribution (ADHD) 58 years young , father of Downhill racer Josh Evans
Last events attended
Not as fast as my mate and current champ Grits: not yet.........