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Nic McKirdy
Racing id: 487
2018 ranking: 49

Racing colours

Leather colour: Yellow
hi-vis yellow and black
Helmet: Black

Racing Equipment

Board: Victims of Gravity Luge
Trucks: Cindrichs Cindy's
Bearings: Zealous
Wheels: Mach 1 Cannibals


Arcticboyz leathers

Summary Info
Australian Streetluge champion 2012, 2014 and 2015. Former classic luge world record holder @ 149.58kmh
Formerly involved in autocross and sidecar racing, I made the switch to streetluge in 2008 and have competed throughout Australia and the rest of the world. Currently based on the NSW South Coast I ride with the Southern NSW street luge crew, check out our facebook page for all the latest action.
Last events attended
2016 Streetluge results. BSL Slalom Challenge 4th Launch 2nd Mt Keira 4th