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Nicolas Rayner
Racing id: 4349
Open Skateboard
2018 ranking: 370

Racing colours

Leather colour: Black
Black with white sleeves and shins. Helmet black and white spiral
Helmet: White

Racing Equipment

Board: Pantheon sage
Trucks: Rogues
Bearings: Zealous
Wheels: White ride advantages

Ranked 66th in the world in 2016 and he was the 66th competitor to register for Newtons this year...just sayin.
Consistently in the top 40, Mr Rayner might be a good each bet each way for a surprise semi finalist.
Last events attended
2016 Mt Kiera Downhill Challenge 40th
2016 Ruapehu Gravity Festival 43rd
2016 Veggie High 22nd
2016 Yuping Cup 18th