SYCLD is the World Championships of skateboard dancing, and was held in April this year. The dance crew are a tight knit group of longboarders, and more community than competitors…but someone has to be a winner right?
Here are the results with links to their Insta so you can check them out:

Sponsored Open 2019

1st and new World Champion: Jongbin Jo @jongbinjo (KOR)
2nd. Abou Seck @lgbd_smoothoperator (SEN)
3rd DuoDuo @duoduogeng (CHN)

Sponsored Women 2019

  1. Jiny Kim (KOR) @kitty_kim_ WORLD CHAMPION WOMEN
  2. Sugar (CHN) @_sugar_m
  3. Antonine Champetier (FRA) @antonine_ch

Best Grom

  1. Arsène Bernier (FRA) @larve_equitable

Best Trick

  1. DuoDuo @duoduogeng (CHN)
  2. BumSeok (KOR) @b_seoke
  3. Tom Bos (NLD) @tomisboos

A really good article I read about SYCLD this year was by Simon Arsenidis on the Awhou website, it really captured what the weekend was like, and I stole this quote from him:

Family, we make our own universe for two days, composed out of new friendship, random game of skate and a lot of dance parties!

Guleed Yussuf – SYCLD super host

Non Sponsored Open

1st. Jiwon Jung (KOR) @ji_won_jung1
2nd. Sebastien Rambourg (FRA) @sebastien_rambourg
3rd. Onno Nijzink (NLD) @onijziko

Non Sponsored Women

  1. Laira Juliana (BRA) @lairajuliana
  2. Sol @solangiecz (ESP)
  3. Hyojin (KOR) @h.zzzzz_in

Best G-Turn

1st. Sven Schiefer (SUI) @sveeneey (see Instagram embed below for some of his amazing runs)
2nd. Sebastian Eberlein (GER) @sebastianedot
3rd. Yordan Petrov (BGR) @dan_petroff

Highest Hippy Jump

Lotfi won with a jump of 140cm! @lotfiwoodwalker