This is the full final livestream starting at 30 minutes in when they introduce the course and 8 finalists

This is the start of the Olympic qualifying tour, skaters are earning points to help them in their global ranking which will be used to select skaters for the Olympics.

The finalists are:

Sora Shirai – Japan – 17 year old amateur from Kanagawa – he has made it through from the
Matt Berger – Canada – 25 year old Pro from Kamloops
Gustavo Ribeiro – Portugal – 18 year old from Lisbon
Louis Lopez – USA – 24 year old from Hawthorne CA
Mannie Santiago – Puerto Rico – 33 year old from Mayaguez
Shane O’Neil – Australia – 29 year old Aussie legend from Melbourne
Kelvin Hoefler – Brazil – 26 year old from Guaruja, San Paulo
Nyjah Huston – USA – 24 year old from Laguna Beach CA

Sora from Japan started from the Open Qualifier and made it to the final 8!!