Could you skate 50 miles a day for 2 months?

If you can, then you should SKRAAM

SKateboard Race Across AMerica

This is a Long Distance Push (LDP) race across America, as fast as possible in a solo, self-supported fashion. There are rules, and there will be a lot of pain and self contemplation along the the way.

If you want to read the rules, I suggest Jack Smith's post in the SKRAAM facebook group. These are my brief interpretations.
SKRAAM is a web-administered, do-it-yourself challenge based on the purest of wagers: the gentleperson’s bet or agreement. Nothing to win or lose but honor.
Skaters are to solo and self sufficient. Resupply of food etc is to be done commercially in towns along the way. What that means is skaters have no support between towns, and any assistance they get, must be available commercially to all skaters. Basically your mum can't bring you lunch, and you can't sleep at your friends house along the way. Skaters can have pre-arranged caches on route but it is hoped the majority of resupply will be commercial to make it fairer to international competitors that can't create their own caches.
There are no checkpoints or officials on course.
Skaters are alone and responsible for their safety.
Skaters alone must police their conduct.

The skaters will have spot GPS so their times and position can be monitored, and I assume there will be a website that will have updated racing data.

The race is based on the Trans Am Bike Race, and is an excellent skate adaption.

The race is expected to be in 2020.

I think it is a great idea and it will be interesting to see how competitors prepare. If you want more information join the Facebook group.

These are the competitors so far
Sasha Popper (aka The Mad Russian)
Paul Kent (Mr Long Treks on Skate Decks)
Colby Cummings (skateboard racer)
Morgan Dossett (Ultra skater)
Conan Issac Gay ( three time IDSA Masters World Champion)
Sean Endres (can a drone follow him the whole way?)
Andrew Andras (aka La Marquina aka The Machine)
Calleigh Little (LDP Supergirl)
Andre Bruni (Ultra Skate Brawler)
Raveena Minor (future first black woman to cross America on a longboard)