Day One for Downhill at the 2019 World Roller Games

The World Roller Games has started and the downhill skaters and lugers have been bombing the race track.

The World Roller Games is held every two years by World Skate, and it is the biggest roller event in the world, 4500 competitors and it is the first time Downhill has been included. Edit: I originally said the Downhill event is sanctioned and run by IDF. Federico Barbezio contact me with a correct. He said "the event is sanctioned by World Skate and runned by the LOC (Local organization committee) WRG with Alfred Cano as head of the team."

What makes this event special is the diversity of racers and that everyone is officially representing their country and can only race is selected by their national skateboard governing body. Downhill is getting recognition in many ways, being part of a global world championships, as well as the involvement of national skateboard organisations in Downhill.

Racers were getting to know the track today, so the times are not that relevant. Team Australia showed up in their official racing leathers, and posted 4 of the top 10 fastest times of the day.

Dane Hanna has continued his dominance of racing this year with the fastest time on the track.

Welcome back Patrick Switzer, after a long hiatus from downhill racing, P-Swiss has pulled on the leathers, they still fit, and blasted out a top 20 time. It is day one, we'll see how the old legs hold up by the time we get to finals racing.

Team Brazil, missing Thiago Lessa, were also practicing on the hill. Dalua continuing his fine form after sweeping the Brazilian race series this year. Tiago Mohr posted the fastest Brazilian time on day one but only 13th overall, so it will be interesting to see if Brazil's absence from IDF racing this year affects them at the World Roller Games. I spoke to Thiago Lessa last week about the WRG, and true to his statement in the Hop Podcast, he is taking a year off international racing to concentrate on his Cuei skate business.

Follow the Aussies down the race track

Jacko and Tim burn down Barcelona WRG race track (credit Shredemite)

Downhill Skateboard times Day 1

  1. Dane HANNA CAN 44.92
  2. Mitchell THOMPSON AUS 45.69
  3. Tristan CARDILLO SUI 45.90
  4. Chase HILLER USA 45.99
  5. Harry CLARKE AUS 46.06
  6. Zak MILLS-GOODWIN AUS 46.20
  7. Shannon TULLY AUS 46.23
  8. Tzouganakis ALEXANDROS FRA 46.25
  9. Tomas Eduardo Romualdez  PHI 46.43
  10. Oscar RODRIGUEZ ESP 46.50
  11. Marakrian YANIS FRA 46.50
  12. Jackson SHAPIERA AUS 46.50
  13. Tiago DE SOUZA MOHR BRA 46.53
  14. Patrick SWITZER CAN 46.55
  15. Stefano BARBIZZI ITA 46.55
  16. Diego PONCELET ESP 46.57
  17. Aleix GALLIMO ESP 46.61
  18. Trauet AMBROISE FRA 46.62
  19. Javier TABOAS ESP 46.70
  20. Douglas RODRIGUES DA SILVA BRA 46.70
  21. Daniel ENGEL USA 46.71

Downhill Luge times Day 1

These times are insane, the top 10 all within 1 second of each other and Abdil has not posted a time yet! This is the biggest luge field we have seen in a long time. There are 48 registered luge competitors. We are going to find out who is the best luge racer is in the world, they are all here to compete.

3. Alexandre CERRI MACHADO BRA 49.42
4. Timothy KOCH CAN 49.51
5. Leo Adriano BORTON BRA 49.56
6. Kolby Stefan PARKS CAN 49.56
7. William STEPHENSON GBR 49.94
8. Frank WILLIAMS USA 49.96
9. Ryan FARMER USA 50.00
10. Walter Andre WERBINSKI RIBEIRO BRA 50.05
11. Julian SLANEY AUS 50.28
12. Matthias LANG GER 50.34
13. Maurizio DE POLLO ITA 50.35
14. Graham BRITTAIN AUS 50.43
15. Gerling OLIVIER FRA 50.73
16. Juan CALVO LAZARO ESP 50.98
17. Jorge Ernesto MARIN LOZANO PER 51.09
18. Gareth CHAMBERLAIN GBR 51.16
19. Olivier FILIATRAULT CAN 51.58
20. Gaston Ariel MERLO ROA ARG 51.81