Emily Pross wins women's WRG Downhill Skateboard

Twenty eight women competed in the finals of the Women's Downhill Skateboarding race. Probably the most female competitors ever at a championship downhill race.

The racing was fierce all day. Two of the most spectacular crashes of the day were in the women draw. Kristi Henriksen crashes in the second round and was taken off course via an ambulance. In the consolation final, Sirley Tabares came off her board and crashed, but was able to walk off course by herself after a rest.

The two stand out skaters throughout the day were Emily Pross and Vitoria Mallmann. They were ranked 1 and 2, started at opposite ends of the draw and won each of their races all the way to the final.

Emily won the race from the start. She does not miss many leg days at the gym, her push and start is one of the best in downhill (men and women). She jump to an early lead. Vitoria not getting the best start, and was third behind Lisa Peters. While Vitoria and Lisa battled for second, Emily extended her lead. By turn two, Vitoria was in second and now had one of the hardest jobs in downhill. Chasing down Emily. She was too far ahead to catch her draft, but Vitoria never gave up. She did gain ground, and narrowed the gap but the course at the Barcelona World Roller Games is short and fast, not good for a long chase. The French racer Lyde Begue was not far from Vitoria, She managed to come from fourth off the start and place third at the finish.

Screen capture of the livestream (placeholder until we get a better quality video)

It is good news for women's downhill. Large competitor numbers and tight competitive racing all day. Emily has paved the way for women to step up and race fast, and the girls are taking up that challenge.

Emily was without a doubt the best women skater all weekend. She hungers for competition, so I'm sure she was pleased with the number of women competitors and that they are catching up to her speed. Emily did not make it easy and did not give an inch all weekend. In all the heats and finals she tucked until the finish line in her classic teardrop shape tuck.

Emily Pross on the podium


1. Emily Pross (USA)
2. Vitoria Mallman (BRA)
3. Lyde Begue (FRA)
4. Lisa Peters (NLD)

1. Melissa Brogni (BRA)
2. Teresa Gillcrist (USA)
3. Rachel Bruskoff (USA)
4. Sirley Tabares (COL)