Ginger's custom art skateboard deck
How a nine year skater created her own custom skateboard deck

We sell blank skateboard decks on the Hopkin website, which is not out of the ordinary for a skateshop. However we do give instructions on how skaters can use these decks to create their own graphics. This is how Ginger, a 9 year old skater, created her own custom board.

She followed our instructions, with the help of her dad (the super hero in this story).

Step 1
Sand down the deck lightly with a medium sandpaper, then with a light sandpaper. (we suggest finishing with a 220 grit sandpaper)

Step 2
Applied a transparent primer from an art shop, let dry and hit with the light sandpaper again as the primer raises the wood grain a touch

Step 3
Pencil in the graphics and use acrylic markers, 2-3 coats where the color was needed. Ginger used Ironlak acrylic markers which come in different nib widths, and the colors are pretty vibrant.

Step 4
When the graphic was finished, it was sealed with an art shop matt spray varnish.

Step 5
Go skateboard! #girlscandoanything #skatelikeagirl

Ginger's custom art skateboard deck