Hop Podcast #21: Mike McHugh from Boosted Boards

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This is a fun episode, Mike is an amazing guy with an incredible journey. He started in graphic design, which lead to moving to the USA with Adobe which lead him to the heart of Silicon Valley working for Boosted Boards.

At the time of this interview (Feb 2019) he was Director of Customer Experience. He has recently moved into the role of Director of Skate Product. Without a doubt, he has one of the best jobs in skate!

This episode is not just for the esk8 crew and Boosted fans, we have a wide ranging conversation. We discuss electric skateboard racing, product design, how Boosted takes that design to a new product. Does Boosted have a skate team or ambassadors? (spoiler alert: they have both…and more). We get into future products, and as a side note, at the time of recording the Boosted Scooter had not been released, you can hear me ask Mike if they are going to make a scooter…

My goal for this interview was to try and take a look behind the curtain at Boosted Boards. They are one of the most exciting companies in skate and a leader in the future of personal electric transportation.

Big thank you to Mike McHugh for giving me so much time out of his busy schedule.